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Our Research and Audit

Halal Research and Audit Assessments

US Halal Supply Chain Assessment: Over thirty five slaughterhouses and processing centers were visited in over a fifteen states in the United States of America.

New Zealand Halal Model Assessment: Halal Advocates took a tour consisting of a two month long advocacy visit, inspecting twenty-five major slaughterhouses that are exporting to America.

Australia Halal Model Assessment: On this two month long advocacy visit, Halal Advocates inspected eleven major slaughterhouses exporting to America.

South Africa Halal Model Assessment: During a three week long advocacy training, Halal Advocates gained valuable skills and insights from organizational and strategy sessions, which were conducted with international Halal experts from the South African National Halal Authority (SANHA), and the Muslim Jurists Council (MJC), the two oldest and most respected Halal certifying bodies in South Africa. As South Africa is probably the country with the most developed and advanced Halal production and certification infrastructure in the world, this was an invaluable experience, which gave Halal Advocates precious insights that few others in America posses. Along with strategy and organizational training, Halal Advocates benefited from hands on and practical methods of inspection, visiting numerous slaughterhouses, industrial food processors and distribution centers.

UK Halal Model Assessment: While on this two week long advocacy visit, Halal Advocacy got to interface with the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) of the United Kingdom. HMC is the most respected Halal certifying organization in the UK. Halal advocates and HMC held numerous organizational and strategy  with national Halal experts. We also visited numerous industrial food processors and slaughterhouses for research purposes. The visit to the UK also allowed Halal Advocates to interface with a number of renowned scholars including Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf, Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, and many others, to find sunnah-based solutions to modern industrial-scale Halal issues.

About Halal Advocates of America

Spanning the nation, from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, California to the Midwest, the Halal Advocates of America seek to play a positive and unique role in the establishment of the Halal brand in America, the advancement of its progressive certification and verification program for businesses wanting to do “Halal right”, and bringing about a robust chapter-model for the community to educate itself through.

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