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Our Priorities

National Education and Awareness

The best consumer is an educated one. With the overall awareness and concern regarding the challenges facing the consumer in the realm of Halal consumption, the Halal Advocates have sought to establish themselves as a medium of trusted knowledge and insight for the consumer.  The goal of the Halal Advocates’ education strategy will be to move Muslim consumers and businesses along a path of evolving consciousness regarding the physical and spiritual repercussions of Halal consumption, while fostering confidence in bona fide Halal standards, and while steering clear of controversial ones. The groundwork for such a rise in Halal consciousness will be laid by disseminating knowledge to consumers to persuade them to accept their responsibility in overseeing their Halal diet more closely and understanding its spiritual effects, through reaching out to Halal consumers in the Muslim community. This already unfolding process will eventually lead the Halal consumer to buy-in to the agenda of Halal integrity, understand how to take proactive ownership of the cause to make Halal right in America and make a difference in their communities through our certification and verification program for suppliers, restaurants, meat stores, and others.


Certification and Verification Program (HFSAA)

Based on research done during the Halal Advocates’ journey of learning, it was concluded that certification and verification was a key method to bring added assurance to a particular Halal brand or business in America. Without such a model of checks and balances, the Halal growth in America will be very challenging, as many consumers’ confidence for the Halal industry in America has unfortunately been broken through repeated scandal, incompetence and the never-ending stream of halal gossip. The Halal Advocates seek to address the growing need for authentic, no-nonsense certification for the Halal supply chain and provide incredible incentives for businesses to become recognized by the consumer. Suppliers, distributors, stores and restaurants who wish to do the right thing will be able to take part in the program .   We have developed the Halal Food Standards Alliance of America, of HFSAA, as the certifying seal of the Halal Advocates of America and it includes those from the Halal Supply Chain who are doing Halal properly. This aspect of the certification will further strengthen, and quicken the buy-in from the mainstream community toward leading integrity-based Halal brands in America.

Promoting Inclusivity and Universal Standards

Sadly, the US market for Halal still remains largely unregulated and plagued by questionable practices. The Halal Advocates strongly adhere to a vision of inclusivity and promote only those standards that are jointly and universally acceptable by all. By combining sunnah-based halal processing methods while driving quality to the tayyib standard, we wish to make the Halal seal shine a light of universal acceptance on all products that bear it.



Unfortunately, as Halal is viewed by many solely as a profit-taking opportunity, standards all too often shift to suit the convenience of corporate producers and industry-based certifiers. Often times, standards are poorly stated to the consumer, or not stated at all, and often they are surreptitiously changed without informing the consumer, leaving the public frustrated. The Halal Advocates and HFSAA promote public disclosure of all standards at all times, with full transparency every step along the Halal process, empowering the consumer to choose what is best for their own health and spiritual well-being, as well as that of their families.


National Advocacy Model

The Halal Advocates is the only organization that is looking to provide an effective, unique, consumer-driven system that has traceability throughout its community structure and is made up of chapters across America. This system will be made up of community leaders and general members of the Muslim community. It will provide business and consumer channels with regional and industry-level networking opportunities, and promote the HFSAA (Halal Food Standards Alliance of America) certification and verification program. Please visit http://halaladvocates.org/be-an-advocate/ for more information about HFSAA. Chapters also help promote and educate consumers on Halal through organized local events and are made up of certified business members of the HFSAA program and supporting members who are essential to the basic functions of HFSAA. To Find out about future chapters in your area, please sign-up to the contact list.


Cultivating Halal Methods for the Modern Era


Establishing knowledge share with role players from the global and national Halal industry is an important objective of the Halal Advocates. With visits to countries including Canada, South Africa, England, Holland, Australia, and New Zealand, the Halal Advocates have established significant ties to the international Halal community. By ceaselessly traversing the country and through the continents we bring together a treasure of knowledge, be that of the sacred laws pertaining to Halal, or how superior techniques based on sunnah-methods can increase food quality and efficiency without sacrificing spirituality.


Industry Alliance Building

The industry should be trying to fulfill their ethical and corporate responsibilities to the Halal consumer. While building the road to consumer advocacy, the Halal Advocates also seek to help the industry with our Education and Awareness programs and eventually cultivate a positive alliance with them. This is an important component of the Halal Advocates; we are facing the industry with just as much attention as we face our Muslim consumers. It is a “hand-in-hand” approach based on the idea that when things are done right, everyone wins.

About Halal Advocates of America

Spanning the nation, from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, California to the Midwest, the Halal Advocates of America seek to play a positive and unique role in the establishment of the Halal brand in America, the advancement of its progressive certification and verification program for businesses wanting to do “Halal right”, and bringing about a robust chapter-model for the community to educate itself through.

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