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Our Accomplishments

Midwest Halal Advocacy Programs

Public Halal Advocacy and Awareness programs have been held for the benefit of the public in the following cities:

– Chicago, Illinois

– Moline, Illinois

– Detroit, Michigan

– St. Louis, Missouri


Halal Advocacy Issues Forum Held in Chicago

Halal Advocates organized a two-day educational intensive which addressed the current status of the Halal Movement in America and around the world, as well as its future potential and challenges in America. Over 30 Scholars and Imams from over a dozen cities participated in this interactive and educational forum, including Chicago, Illinois, Gary, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Providence, Rhode Island, Detroit, Michigan, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, Los Angeles, California, and St. Louis, Missouri.

West Coast Halal Advocacy Programs

Public Halal Advocacy and Awareness programs have been held for the benefit of the public in the following cities:

– Los Angeles, California

– Sacramento, California

– San Jose, California

– San Francisco, California

– Fremont, California

– Portland, Oregon

– Seattle, Washington


Halal Advocacy Seminar Held in San Francisco

Hosted by the San Francisco regional Halal Advocates Chapter in Mill Valley, California, this was a day-long intensive about the Halal potential in America, specifically geared toward addressing challenges in the West Coast. Over one-hundred Halal activists, scholars, Imams, students of sacred knowledge as well as college and university students, and community leaders attended from over six west coast cities, including Los Angeles, California, San Diego, California, Seattle, Washington and all across the Bay Area.

East Coast Halal Advocacy Programs

The Advocates were invited to New York to hold several programs and lectures on the challenges of Halal in America.  Over three-hundred members of the Muslim Community attended a Halal Advocacy session at the Muhammadi Masjid in 2009. In 2010 Halal Advocates went on a tour of New York, visiting several masjids, Islamic institutions, including Darul Ulum New York, and visited many prominent Imams and scholars, including Imam Siraj Wahhaj.


Halal Advocacy and Awareness on Campus

Do you want to have a Halal Food Program at your school? airline? hospital? prison? The advocates have begun working alongside food vendor services and university boards (for example) to bring understanding of the Halal protocol to them and presenting a strategic direction most suitable for the success of a Halal program. Universities, such as Bradley University and

the University of Illinois, have since tapped the Halal Advocates for similar advice and direction regarding the Halal program and have created an assured Halal channel for their students. We continue to encourage universities across the nation to properly educate their university boards, 3rd party food vendor services and classmates about the significance of Halal in America.  Please visit the Our Resources section of the website and view the presentation on Halal Education and Planning. Visit the Resources Page to view a presentation on Halal Education and Awareness. It can be modified for schools, hospitals, airlines, and more. Contact Us to learn about how! 

Special Programs




2010 ISNA Convention titled “Resetting the Halal Food System.”

2010 American Muslim Consumer Conference: The Advocates were invited to address the topic of Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility, along with corporate executives from companies like Pepsi, and Saffron Road.

About Halal Advocates of America

Spanning the nation, from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, California to the Midwest, the Halal Advocates of America seek to play a positive and unique role in the establishment of the Halal brand in America, the advancement of its progressive certification and verification program for businesses wanting to do “Halal right”, and bringing about a robust chapter-model for the community to educate itself through.

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