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For the past year and a half, only a handful of supportive donors—many who’ve been with us from the start—were needed to  help us in our effort to build the basic foundations of the organization. But with new challenges and victories on the horizon, you  too can make a difference to help us reach our intended educational, research and operational goals research and  and research goals with the Muslim Halal industry. From supporting our many research endeavors around Halal consumption (including ingredients and products research) to bringing the right team of professionals and scholarly thought into this effort, your help is priceless.



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"I'm happy to know my giving is creating a systemic change in the way people and businesses think about Halal. Everyone needs to be serious about the integrity of Halal and support this organizations rolling initiatives around Halal education, awareness and activism at the local level. "
�Mansoor Khalid, Los Angeles, California
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About Halal Advocates of America

Spanning the nation, from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, California to the Midwest, the Halal Advocates of America seek to play a positive and unique role in the establishment of the Halal brand in America, the advancement of its progressive certification and verification program for businesses wanting to do “Halal right”, and bringing about a robust chapter-model for the community to educate itself through.

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