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Thunder Ridge Premium Halal Angus Beef

10 Jun, 2015 admin Recent News

May 24, 2015 – The Halal Advocates of America are pleased to announce the national and international availability of a new halal beef product, Thunder Ridge Premium Halal Angus Beef. Their fresh beef lines include TR Natural, TR Organic, and TR Angus. This product is endorsed and certified halal by the Halal Food Standards Alliance of America, HFSAA, which is the certification endorsed by the Halal Advocates of America. The cattle are harvested at a halal only slaughter plant without stunning by Muslim slaughterers who follow the Sunnah method of horizontally cutting across the throat while reciting the name of Allah. HFSAA monitors the halal slaughter process at the plant to ensure that the highest standards of halal integrity are met.
All TR Natural cattle processed at the Thunder Ridge Beef processing facility without the use of antibiotics and artificially added growth hormones. Livestock is finished for up to 200 days on a corn-based feeding program using no animal proteins.
This product will be coming to other markets soon. Look for the HFSAA certificate of authenticity accompanying the package and rest assured that this product meets the highest standards of halal authenticity and integrity. Ask for TR Natural Beef at your local store today.
For information about how your local store can carry this product, refer halal meat stores, halal restaurants and wholesaler inquiries to. Check out their website at www.TRBeef.com or call  for more information.

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