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National Availability of a New Hand-Slaughtered Chicken Product!

6 Jul, 2012 Adnan.Faiz Recent News
National Availability of a New Hand-Slaughtered Chicken Product!

July 2, 2012 – The Halal Advocates of America are pleased to announce the national availability of a new hand-slaughtered halal chicken product, Tahir Chicken. This product is certified halal by the Halal Food Standards Alliance of America, HFSAA, which is the certification organization endorsed by the Halal Advocates of America.  The chickens are individually blessed by a Muslim slaughterman and are bled out completely through a swift cut using a sharp handheld knife, in accordance to the sunnah.




HFSAA employs full-time supervisors who constantly monitor the process on-site at the plant to ensure that the highest standards of halal integrity are met. This product represents a unique breakthrough in halal standards and integrity.

Tahir Chicken contains no added hormones or steroids.

Tahir Chicken is currently available in: Atlanta, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Greensboro, Houston, Dallas


This product will be coming to other markets soon. Look for the HFSAA seal of authenticity on the package and be rest assured that this product is truly zabihah hand slaughtered. Ask for Tahir Chicken at your local store today!
For information about how your local store can carry this product, refer halal meat stores, halal restaurants and wholesaler inquiries to Mike Scheuber at 209-398-6717

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