The most important detail that consumers who want to buy dollars by purchasing credits should know is that the risk of investment due to the high volatility of the dollar, such as gold, silver, etc. is much more than precious metals. Could it be reasonable to buy a loan by rarely buying dollars?

Should You Invest In Dollars By Taking A Loan?

Should You Invest In Dollars By Taking A Loan?

The most important details to consider are the maturity of the loan, the interest rate and the dollar parity in the period of purchase. A small mistake in the calculation and estimation may cause the investment to lose its entirety, to be damaged, etc. why could it be.

Considering the dollar, the euro, etc. It can be seen that there is often a directly proportional relationship between parities and bank loan interest rates. The most important reason for this is that the banks in our country cannot find enough resources within the country for the loan to be allocated and they offer loans swapped from foreign markets to the consumers. The related loans are offered to consumers with higher interest rates, which are higher than the cost, and the more often this happens, the more coherent movement occurs between the dollar and the interest rate.

In case of such a situation, that is, it is not logical to use bank loans in order to buy dollars in the economy conjuncture of our country today. Considering the measures taken and steps taken by the Best Bank, it may even be a miracle for the loan and the dollar taken to cover their costs rather than profit.

To put it plainly, it does not seem logical at the moment to purchase a credit by purchasing dollars in 2019. Consumers aiming to invest by taking credit are aware of the risks of this situation. may consider turning to precious metals. It is necessary to rethink this issue, especially in the period of unrestricted supply of the dollar, and when some economists are often making a fuss about a general economic crisis that will start worldwide after 2020.

Money do not accumulate said contacts (if you might as well you say it. Quite often encountered people who tend to process like this can not save money. If your only goal is to turn to credit check is to be done bonds or deposit rates in order to save money. Again made the repo reception. Attractions In a simple calculation, it can be seen that if the loan with a maturity of 1 year is invested in interest or bond, it will be amortized by itself.

Does it make profit to buy foreign currency with credit?

Does it make profit to buy foreign currency with credit?

A patient investor can make a profit with long-term foreign currency investment, even if it hurts in the first year and continues to pay loan installments. In order to earn profit from this investment, it should be foreseen that the currency will be in a long-term uptrend in the case of foreign currency purchase, so that the installment payments arising from the credit should not be economically distressed, that is, these installment payments should be made very easily, if necessary, it is necessary to exchange foreign currency and invest in different instruments. time and demand. It would also be useful to review the articles that the dollar, which has been spoken all over the world, has reached the lifetime.

It would be very wrong to say anything clearly about whether to make a profit or not, but we can easily state that foreign currency purchases to be made in the following days will not make much sense in the long term.

The period to be bought should be the period when the long uptrend will begin. If foreign exchange is to be purchased in the following days, short-term transactions should be made, not long-term. Otherwise, if the economic problems are solved, serious damage may be caused due to the investment made.

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