Credit without proof

You want to conclude a consumer credit without justifying the destination that will be made of the amount borrowed, it is possible and fast thanks to the credit without proof.

Finally, you will be able to borrow whatever your project, your need for money, without explanation to give to your creditor!


Credit without proof: for whom, for what?

Credit without proof: for whom, for what?

The loan without proof is used by people who do not wish to explain why they are borrowing and/or whose project does not fall under the specific conditions of specific consumer loans (car loan, mortgage, work loan, etc.).

It can be used for the payment of a purchase in any discretion, the repayment of a debt, the payment of unforeseen expenses…

This need for money is often urgent and requires a rapid response from banks and credit companies.

There are two ways to borrow without proof:

  • Credit without proof: unlike other consumer loans, you will not have to send any document justifying the destination of the borrowed funds.
  • Credit without proof of income: no justification of the source of your income or its adequacy.

Conditions for obtaining a credit without proof:

These are the same conditions as for all other consumer loans:

  • be 18 years old,
  • justify sufficient income,
  • a healthy financial situation,
  • sufficient repayment capacity,
  • no situation of over-indebtedness.

But: no document justifying the reason why you borrow!

Conditions for a credit without proof of income

The same conditions as for the credit without proof, except that you will not have to justify your income: no payslips, no declaration from your employer, nor proof of various allowances…

The APR of such credit is often higher in view of the risks incurred by the lender.


Advantages of credit without proof

credit without proof

In addition to the appropriations allocated (cars, works, real estate, students, etc.), unrestricted credits such as credit without proof provide better financial flexibility. Of course, the risks are higher but they are calculated, your file is analyzed by the credit companies which are required to check your level of debt. It is not to their advantage that their customers find themselves in default.

Credit without proof online is the assurance of benefiting from a lower rate

Compared to a conventional bank. The administrative procedures are simplified, the response is quick and the money is transferred to your account just as quickly. The interest rate of such a credit is a little higher than usual because the credit company takes more risks but you will find many offers online, interesting, which will make you happy.


Revolving credit

Revolving credit

You benefit from a reserve of money from which you can draw when you wish, in one or more installments, different amounts if you wish. You do not have to spend all the money made available to you.

Repayments are made by constant monthly payments, once the amount debited reimbursed, the monthly payments stop until the next withdrawal.

The reimbursed sums can be used again without having to justify them as long as the reimbursements are respected.

You benefit from a permanent reserve of money.


Get credit without proof: compare well

Get a credit without proof: compare well

Most traditional banks can offer you credit without proof but to take advantage of the best rate it is better to use a credit comparison without proof online.

For any fast online credit application, simply complete the online form with all the information requested and with a single click you will receive the best offers that match your financial situation.

More and more online credit companies specialize in granting credit without proof, competition is becoming stronger, take advantage!

What are the steps to take?

Once you have chosen the offer that suits you, your new financial partner gives you immediate response in principle, then your situation is examined after receipt of the documents that will constitute your file:

  • document proving your identity,
  • proof of financial resources: payslips, annuities, various allowances, etc.
  • list of other outstanding loans as well as their amount.

File fees are often reduced or even non-existent when you contact an online credit organization, even more savings!

The lender is obliged to verify that you are not on file with the national bank, in order to avoid any risk of over-indebtedness. However, in some cases, it is possible to borrow small amounts despite the filing, but obtaining credit under such conditions is very difficult and not advisable.

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